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Our team is your back-up team

Our specialist personnel services – for whenever you need some HR support

It is not rare for businesses operating in the process industry to find themselves short staffed. This is especially true during shutdowns, when companies require large numbers of specialists and are unable to cover all of the tasks with their own operatives. Our recruitment services provide you with the support you need – from an individual specialist all the way through to a whole team or a complete turnaround crew.

Specialists for a whole range of areas

Our flexible specialist personnel services give you rapid access to experienced operatives from a wide range of industrial professions:

Industrial mechanics

Fitters for oil refineries


Mechanical fitters

Plant fitters

Electrical/instrumentation mechanics

Industrial electricians

Crane/fork-lift truck operators

Materials management specialists

Planners/cost accountants

Qualifications that are perfect for your needs

Besides their extensive professional know-how and expertise, our specialist operatives also have a wealth of industrial experience and are particularly committed to work safety and environmental protection. They are very well trained and frequently take part in additional, complementary courses and further training programmes. Moreover, they have extensive practical knowledge having worked on so many different kinds of projects – something that enables them to think on their feet and ensures they deliver top quality results.

Specialist providers focusing on specific industries

Our industrial personnel services are divided up into two units:

XERVON Facharbeiter- und Montageservice GmbH

XERVON Facharbeiter- und Montageservice focuses on supplying specialist staff for the process industry in Germany, in particular for the chemical and petrochemical sectors.

XERVON Industrial Plant Services GmbH

XERVON Industrial Plant Services GmbH supplies specialist staff for maintenance projects across Europe.

Additional options via our network

Besides offering its own specialist personnel services, XERVON Instandhaltung has also built up a pool of long-standing partner firms that have their own teams of highly trained and experienced specialists. Having access to this additional supply of operatives further increases our capabilities and ensures that we are always able to help our customers whenever they are short staffed – quickly, flexibly and reliably.

The companies have been collaborating within this network for many years and have demonstrated their worth in a whole number of different projects

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