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We leave nothing to chance

Systematically implementing QHSE – with absolutely no compromises

We firmly believe that top quality services are always linked to the highest possible safety levels. Which is why our company has implemented extensive measures to set safety standards that go above and beyond the norm as well as to continuously improve them. These measures and initiatives relate to quality, health & safety and environmental protection and are managed by our QHSE department.

A management system in line with international standards

All our QHSE activities are based on our integrated management system that has been set up in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001 and backed up by the SCCP guidelines and the international DIN ISO 45001 standard. This management system covers all operational processes as well as all related supporting processes. Statutory regulations and technical standards are taken into account as are customer requirements and internal guidelines. External accreditations and head office audits ensure that the standards set out in our management system are met at all times.

Our high safety standards are reflected in everything we do and apply to every work site, no matter where in the world we may be

QHSE – an integral part of our corporate culture

Health and safety at work must be put into practice in a clear, intentional and deliberate way. Which is why we deploy a whole host of measures to ensure this important subject is a permanent fixture in our corporate culture and an essential part of our everyday work. Relevant programmes, training courses and an exchange of best practice solutions are fundamental components of our QHSE measures. Moreover, our ‘Safer together’ initiative makes certain that QHSE issues are always foremost in our employees’ minds and that each and every person knows they play an essential role in making sure the highest safety standards are achieved.

Our QHSE activities are constantly being checked and further developed. Why? Because you can't sit back and relax when it comes to safety

LMRA – focusing on safety before picking up tools

Our standard QHSE measures include, for example, a last minute risk analysis (LMRA) that is performed by our operatives at the work site. Carried out immediately before they start working, this analysis helps them to refresh their knowledge and make them aware of and so avoid potential risks.

Our employees have received extensive training on health and safety at work and are fully committed to this important subject

Our certificates and permits

Our high safety standards are documented in our many accreditations and permits. These include both the accreditations issued to our companies as well as the specialist certificates and permits awarded to our company and to our operatives.

Our certificates can be found in the section brochures & certificates

We also take on responsibility by adhering and conforming to all rules and regulations. Our Corporate Compliance Guidelines, which apply to the whole of the REMONDIS Group, can be found here

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