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Services all about controls and instrumentation

Electrical and instrumentation technology (E&I technology) is as wide-ranging as it is important for industrial businesses. Being a combination of different specialised engineering fields, it ensures process control systems function reliably so that production processes run smoothly and machinery can be used as and when it is needed. XERVON Instandhaltung specialises in this complex field and is able to offer its customers a comprehensive E&I portfolio.

What we focus on

Our E&I specialists are familiar with all commonly used components. Making the most of their specialist skills and extensive industrial experience, they work on electrotechnical units, process analytical systems, reporting chains and I&C field equipment.

Such components include, for example:

Switchgear with low, medium & high voltage (24V – 110 kV)

Propulsion technology (electric motors / converter technology)

Electric trace heating

Fittings, flaps, flow control valves, sliders incl. control drives

Process control systems and control technology

Fire alarm, alarm and communication systems

Weighing, dosage and loading technology

Battery facilities

Lighting systems

Support throughout the whole of a system’s lifecycle

Our E&I technology experts can help you with your facilities right from the very start – from planning, to project development, all the way through to installation. Once the systems are up and running, we then deliver all the maintenance services required. This includes carrying out performance tests and inspecting and servicing the equipment as well as performing the periodic tests required by the BetrSichV [Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety] and DGUV V3 [the German Social Accident Insurance’s testing system]. No matter what the task, our overriding goal is to prevent malfunctions and secure the highest levels of safety. Should there be a malfunction however, then we identify the underlying cause and quickly fix the problem.

As XERVON Instandhaltung is not tied to any particular manufacturer, it is able to look at everything the market has to offer and select the components most suitable for its requirements

A more detailed look at our services

Installation, calibration and maintenance of electrotechnical units and reporting chains as well as I&C field equipment

Performance checks on security-related systems (SIL) and safety equipment in acc. with the WHG [Federal Water Act], gas detection systems, electrical explosion protection systems

Servicing, calibration and repair of process analytical technology, online analyses

Carrying out periodic tests on electrical facilities and resources; monitoring testing devices

Checking and installing radioactive measuring equipment; taking over responsibility for radiation protection and radiometry

Planning, project management and documentation (CAD/CAE systems) of conversion projects and electrical installation work

On-call service / emergency service

Modifications in acc. with BetrSichV (CatA and CatB) [Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety]

Implementation of all process measures and safety requirements prescribed by the authorities

XERVON Instandhaltung’s services are available across the whole of Europe

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