An employee coordinating the installation of a pump

Ready for your next shutdown?

A smooth process – no matter how complex the task

It is always an exceptional time when large processing plants are shut down so they can be overhauled. XERVON Instandhaltung supports production firms to plan, manage and implement their turnarounds. Besides delivering safe, high quality and efficient services, we have one main goal in mind: to ensure your plant is up and running again in as short a time as possible – and with its technology in the best possible condition.

A good opportunity to save time and cut costs

A number of different goals are pursued when a turnaround takes place. Besides the mandatory inspections of the machinery and facilities, companies also undertake measures to secure plant availability or to add new features to increase the performance of the plant. In theory, a turnaround can play a direct role in adding value to a business. The more successful a company is at keeping this period short and the project costs low, the greater this positive effect is.

Offering such a wide range of services, XERVON Instandhaltung is able to effectively reduce your workload, ensure projects run smoothly and make the most of its extensive know-how – gathered from the many successful turnaround projects it has taken part in over the years

Our shutdown management – perfectly timed

Meticulous planning and experienced management are key to a successful turnaround. Working closely with our customers, we determine which individual steps need to be taken, draw up precisely timed schedules and handle all organisational and formal requirements.

Just two of XERVON Instandhaltung’s defining characteristics are its numerous accreditations and its strict adherence to stringent QHSE standards. Find out more in the chapter on QHSE

Well planned…

Meticulously recording and processing data

Working on and drawing up tender documents

Planning schedules & the deployment of staff/equipment

Carefully controlling the processes during the shutdown period

The best possible set-up – of both staff and equipment

XERVON is one of the leading providers of technical services when it comes to maintaining complex plants and facilities. Our teams have extensive experience of carrying out turnarounds and always deliver excellent results even when working under exceptional conditions. We have both the personnel and technical resources to take on every challenge – including the ad hoc provision of additional staff that may be needed or tools from our own pool of equipment.

Being part of the REMONDIS Group, we are able to call on experts working in adjacent trades such as scaffolding, industrial cleaning and surface technology

... well implemented.

Dismantling, exchanging, repairing and installing all plant parts

Revamps and valve services

Performing piping measures including conversion projects

Carrying out final inspections and drawing up documentation

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