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Ready for you just in time – our materials management

Modern materials management systems involve high standards and expectations. On the one hand, volumes of stored goods should be kept as low as possible to reduce the amount of capital tied up in inventory. On the other, materials must be available for the production department just in time. A great deal of administrative work and specialist expertise are required to be able to achieve this – expertise that often has very little to do with a company’s core business. Which is why many industrial firms choose to hand over their materials management to a professional – XERVON Instandhaltung.

Outsourcing as a sensible alternative

XERVON Instandhaltung runs and continuously further develops your materials management system on your behalf. Making the most of our years of know-how, extensive networks and future-oriented concepts, we make sure that the best supply chains are in place and that your materials flow in a smooth and coordinated manner. You benefit from having less admin work and from being able to sustainably reduce a whole number of costs.

Perfectly integrated: with all of XERVON Instandhaltung’s divisions and business locations being interconnected, your materials management system can reach its full potential

On balance a plus

XERVON Instandhaltung is also able to offer a full range of materials management services and has set up its procurement services as a modular system. This means that you can choose whether you wish us to deliver individual services or the whole package. No matter which you choose, our services are always adapted to meet your company’s particular requirements and objectives. What’s more, you have a further choice when it comes to materials management: the work can be handled as part of your own systems and through your own books or we can have the stocks added to our balance sheet and use our own systems.

Purchasing and procurement
  • Determination of requirements, processing of orders
  • Carrying out purchasing activities for projects
  • Management of contracts and suppliers
  • Classic purchasing activities, planning and scheduling
  • Use of electronic procurement platforms and catalogue systems
Warehousing and logistics
  • Acceptance, inspection, transfer and issuing of goods using state-of-the-art technologies, e.g. spectral analyses
  • Handling hazardous materials in acc. with ADR
  • Dispatch and customs clearing
  • Organisation of inventories
Bookkeeping services
  • Entering all movements of goods into the books
  • Checking invoices; entering invoices into the books
  • Classification in line with classification systems, e.g. eClass
  • Stocktaking and adjustment of inventory
  • Material master data management
  • Cataloguing and standardisation including categorising manufacturer-specific spare parts in line with DIN standards and standard spare parts
  • Checking and managing certificates
  • Supporting projects to procure standardised parts
Other services
  • Automated collective invoicing, managing credit notes
  • Documentation, creation and update of electronic lists of parts
  • Reporting (taking KPIs into account) and use of integrated systems such as SAP MM

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