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Keeping an eye on the big picture

Sharing infrastructure with others

There are a whole number of reasons why companies opt to set up business in an industrial estate or chemicals park: they can share a common infrastructure and key resources can be supplied and waste managed via central facilities. What’s more, they can benefit from the services provided by the site’s operator. All this reduces a company’s workload and enables them to focus entirely on their core business.

Key supplies and waste management from just one company

All the services that we need to run industrial estates and chemical parks have been pooled in one company: XERVON Utilities GmbH. A subsidiary of XERVON Instandhaltung, it offers all types and all sizes of industrial sites a wide range of services – focusing in particular on key supplies and waste management. Thanks to its expertise in running central facilities and infrastructure networks, XERVON Utilities is able to provide a portfolio of services that gives the companies located on the site a sustainable competitive edge.

XERVON Utilities is well known for the high quality of its numerous accredited services and solutions that clearly add value to its customers’ businesses

A reliable supply of energy and media

Production operations require both energy and a variety of resources to be supplied either as a gas or a liquid. We make sure that the key resources needed for industrial processes are always available – from a central supply of electricity, steam and natural gas all the way through to providing a whole range of different water qualities. Our strengths not only include delivering the supplies you need quickly, reliably and cost-effectively but also on identifying ways to cut costs and improve operations.

Supplying electricity

Receiving the electricity from the upstream electricity provider and transferring it in the required voltage to the site’s facilities via the site’s local network. Electricity consumption is recorded individually to enable energy use to be monitored effectively. If requested, we can provide an energy manager or an energy management advisor.

Supplying steam

Provision of the steam required by the production and infrastructure facilities. The steam network operated by XERVON Utilities is monitored and controlled by process control technology. This guarantees both high levels of safety and cost-effective processes.

Supplying natural gas

Transferring the natural gas delivered by the energy provider throughout the site via the site’s own pipe network (underground, above ground and/or via pipe bridges). A leak detection check is carried out on the network every year. Additional inspections and checks are performed on a regular basis.


Receiving the nitrogen from the suppliers and transferring it via the site’s internal pipe supply network – available in two different pressure levels depending on individual requirements.

Compressed air & instrument air

Production of compressed air and transfer to point of use. To ensure a needs-based supply, this medium is divided up into two networks: a compressed air and an instrument air network.

Producing / managing (used) cooling water

Operating cooling towers using evaporative cooling systems to produce the cooling water needed. The quality of the cooling water is monitored using fully automated systems and adjusted to meet statutory regulations and customer requirements. We use an in-plant cooling water supply network with central pumping stations and separate underground supply and return pipes to distribute the cooling water.

Producing / managing (used) demineralised water

Operating demineralisation facilities to transform raw water and process water into demineralised water. A reliable supply of demineralised water is secured via central demineralised water pumping stations with frequency regulators and the site’s own demineralised water pipe network.

Supplying drinking water

When it comes to drinking water, what is most important is having a top quality product and a reliable supply. We receive the drinking water from the provider and transfer it to the different on-site facilities on an ‘as needed’ basis via the site’s own drinking water supply network.

Supplying process water

We also support sites that source their process water from wells and have their own autonomous water supply. We do this by running the water production operations on their behalf and distributing the water around the site via the site’s own pipe network.

Wastewater management in all its facets

Both the management and the treatment of wastewater are of extreme importance and at the top of the list of priorities. We take charge of the infrastructure required to do this work – from the site’s pipe system all the way through to the wastewater treatment plants. This work also involves controlling and monitoring the systems as well as drawing up wastewater concepts, overhaul measures and water analysis plans.

Wastewater treatment plants

The mechanical and biological treatment of wastewater in a central wastewater treatment plant. The wastewater from the different facilities is transported to the plant via a common wastewater pipe system. Alternatively, the production wastewater can be pumped separately and conveyed to specific transfer stations. Our portfolio also includes drawing up concepts for wastewater treatment plants besides actually operating them.

Industrial wastewater pipe networks

Realising and operating wastewater pipe systems on the grounds of the industrial estate or chemical park. Running this network, of course, also comprises carrying out inspections, renovation work, extension work and much, much more.

Rainwater drainage pipe systems

It is always best when rainwater is captured separately. XERVON Utilities operates the systems required to do this including the rainwater pipes and flood-control reservoirs. Our portfolio here also covers the necessary analyses so that the water can be discharged into the public sewer network or into bodies of water.

Sewer pipe networks

Running sewer pipe networks to accept, act as a buffer for and redirect industrial wastewater, grey water and rainwater. The wastewater pipes are continuously monitored and are operated in accordance with the statutory regulations set out in the “SüwV Kann” [ordinance regulating the self-monitoring of sewer systems].

Pumping/emergency systems

Setting up and operating emergency systems to accept all wastewater generated at the site in accordance with the “StFV” [ordinance regulating the control of major accidents]. This work includes separate catchment and storage systems for water for extinguishing fires as well as for substances hazardous to water.

Monitoring wastewater / analysing water

XERVON Utilities has complex monitoring systems to enable it to perform environmental, wastewater, waste, drinking water, cooling water and process analyses. We run our own water analysis laboratories to do this work.

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