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Finding the way to one another?

Always close to you

For us, good service means being there for you when you need us and where you need us. Of course, for us to be able to do this, we have to be based close to our customers which is why we offer our services from a variety of business locations. This means shorter journeys, greater accessibility and higher levels of efficiency. Moreover, you’ll not only find yourself benefiting from this when you work with us but also when you collaborate with other REMONDIS Group companies.

Our maintenance division’s business locations

The whole picture – with just a single click. Find out here where our branches are located, what services they offer and how to contact them.

XERVON Instandhaltung’s business locations

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

Discover the world of REMONDIS with its approx. 1,000 branches and associated companies in over 30 countries across Europe, Asia and Australia.

The REMONDIS Group’s locations

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