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QHSE – uncompromising safety levels for your business

One consequence of performing its everyday operations is that XERVON Instandhaltung has also become both a competent and an experienced specialist in the areas of quality, health, work safety and environmental protection. So what better decision could there be than to offer a portfolio of QHSE services as well? We take over a whole range of tasks on behalf of our customers – from QHSE management all the way through to providing specialist officers.

Working hand in hand to keep you safe

Companies that commission XERVON Instandhaltung to carry out their QHSE tasks for them benefit at all levels. They no longer need to train and have staff on hand for this particular field but can focus entirely on their core business. And, as we have such specialist QHSE expertise, we can grow safety levels in their businesses and simultaneously achieve sustainable time and cost savings.

Quality, health, safety & environment: handing over QHSE tasks to XERVON Instandhaltung is a safe and cost-effective alternative

Helping to achieve regulatory compliance

QHSE is a subject that is closely connected to rules and regulations and companies are very much responsible for ensuring their operations are compliant. A lot of work is required, therefore, to make certain business activities comply with all relevant laws and standards. We can help you here by providing you with bespoke solutions for all important areas. You can have us take on just a single QHSE service from our portfolio or commission us to deliver a full service package – whichever suits you best.

A quick overview of our QHSE services

QHSE has many different facets. When you work with XERVON Instandhaltung, you have a partner at your side that can offer you a whole range of services for each specialist area.

Occupational health & safety
  • Training and instructing managers and employees
  • Inspecting machines and facilities in acc. with the relevant regulations and guidelines
  • Providing support on carrying out risk assessments
  • Advice on workplace design, work processes and ergonomics
  • Advice on accident prevention measures, help with reporting accidents, accident investigation work
  • Performing regular safety inspections
  • Creation of documents for training courses
  • Organisation and inspection of fire prevention measures and emergency plans
  • Maintaining contact to official bodies
  • Training courses for crane operators, industrial truck drivers, operators of lift work platforms and other types of equipment
  • Carrying out internal audits
Management of hazardous goods
  • Assistance with creating inventories / registers of hazardous substances
  • Creation of operating instructions
  • Advice on labelling and storing hazardous substances
Protection against radiation exposure
  • Technical advice and support
  • Performing the tasks of a radiation protection officer in acc. with StrlSchV [Federal Radiation Protection Act]
  • Drawing up instructions and documentation to protect against radiation exposure
  • Instructing personnel about measures to protect against radiation exposure
Quality and environmental management
  • Training and instructing managers and employees
  • Advice on how to prevent accidents and errors
  • Creation of documents for training courses
  • Carrying out internal audits
  • Hosting and implementing quality circles and projects to continuously improve activities
  • Introduction of 5S and/or 6S programs
Advisor roles
  • Occupational safety officers
  • Waste management officers
  • Hazardous goods safety officers
  • Emissions control officers
  • Radiation protection officers
  • Hazardous incidents officers
  • Water pollution control officers
  • QHSE management advisors
  • Energy management advisors
Waste management
  • Creation of waste management concepts and compilation of waste statistics
  • Concepts to reduce volumes of waste and waste costs
  • Proper segregation, collection and storage of waste
  • Selection and monitoring of waste management businesses and transport companies
  • Waste documentation
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