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XERVON Instandhaltung

We are very happy to plan and manage renovation projects on your behalf as well as to deal with all the documentation!

Everything under control – XERVON E&I technology

  • Manufacturing (petro)chemical products is a complex process that requires cutting-edge facilities and precise control instrumentation. Thanks to our electrical and instrumentation (E&I) services, we ensure that all the process control systems in your business operate smoothly. We provide our expert E&I services both at home and abroad. Our subsidiaries are in high demand – especially in the Middle East – for commissioning and maintaining a wide variety of electrotechnical systems.

  • XERVON Instandhaltung provides its expert E&I services all around the world

We provide the following services

    • Installation, calibration and maintenance of electrotechnical units and reporting chains as well as I&C field devices:

      • switchgear (0.4 kV – 110 kV), low, medium & high voltage (plant power supply systems)
      • propulsion technology (electric motors)/converter technology
      • lightning protection (exterior and interior lightning protection)
      • electric trace heating
      • fittings, flaps, flow control valves, sliders inc. control drive
      • process control systems and control technology
      • fire alarm, alarm and communication systems
      • weighing, dosage and loading technology
      • lighting systems etc

    • Performance checks on security-related systems (SIL) and safety equipment in acc. with the WHG (Federal Water Act), gas detection systems, electrical explosion protection systems etc
    • Servicing, calibration and repair of process analytical technology, online analyses
    • Carrying out periodic tests on electrical facilities and resources (BGV A3) as well as monitoring testing devices
    • Checking and installation of radioactive measuring equipment, responsible for radiation protection and radiometry
    • Planning, project management and documentation (CAD/CAE systems) of renovation projects or electrical installation work
    • On-call service/emergency service
    • Modifications in acc. with BetrSichV, CatA and CatB (Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety)

From A for alarm systems to W for weighing technology

Our on-site specialists attend to your electrotechnical units, process analytical technology and reporting chains and also carry out the periodic tests that need to be performed in acc. with the BetrSichV, BGV A3, (Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety/Equipment Inspection) on your behalf. We are familiar with all common components and install the spare parts you need – independent of any particular manufacturer – to make sure your operations run smoothly and safely. To be able to do this, we run our own state-of-the-art electrical workshops. This is what we understand by expertise and flexibility.

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