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We have built up long-standing relationships with many of our customers – in particular when they have special requirements

Good is simply not good enough

Being a multi-functional service provider, XERVON Instandhaltung also provides its customers with an integrated range of services covering all aspects of QHSE management. Depending on the scope and task involved, it is not always necessary for our customers to train and employ their own QHSE staff. Thanks to its wide range of specialist QHSE personnel, XERVON Instandhaltung is often the more cost-effective and reliable alternative – so that together we continuously improve and successfully develop their business.

The tangible benefits of XERVON's safety concept

  • Time is saved as we give advice on all of our customer's related requirements
  • Costs are cut as we coordinate and carry out all the work ourselves
  • The value of the business is maintained as we implement measures to prevent equipment failure

An overview of our QHSE services:

  • You can commission us to perform a single QHSE service or you can opt for the full package – which ever suits you best.

    • Occupational safety

      • Training and instructing managers and employees on work safety issues
      • Inspecting machines and facilities in acc. with the relevant regulations and guidelines
      • Support during risk assessment processes
      • Advice on workplace design, work processes and ergonomics
      • Advice on accident prevention measures, help with reporting accidents, accident investigation work
      • Regular safety inspections
      • Creation of documents for training courses
      • Organisation and inspection of fire prevention measures and emergency plans
      • Maintaining contact to official bodies
      • Training courses for crane operators and industrial truck drivers
      • Carrying out internal audits at customers'

      Management of hazardous goods

      • Assistance with creating inventories of hazardous substances
      • Creation of operating instructions
      • Advice on labelling hazardous substances
      • Creation of documents and concepts to protect against explosions

      Protection against radiation exposure

      • Technical advice and support
      • Performing the tasks of a radiation protection officer in acc. with StrlSchV (Federal Radiation Protection Act)
      • Drawing up instructions and documentation to protect against radiation exposure
      • Instructing personnel about measures to protect against radiation exposure

      Quality and environmental management

      • Training and instructing managers and employees on quality and environmental management issues
      • Advice on how to prevent accidents and errors
      • Creation of documents for training courses
      • Organisation and inspection of fire prevention measures and emergency plans
      • Carrying out internal audits at customers'
      • Participating in the creation and approval of technical documentation
      • Creation of health & safety plans, quality plans, approval forms
      • Hosting and implementing quality circles and CIP projects, e.g. introduction of 6 S

      Advisor roles

      • Coordination of health and safety measures

        • during the implementation phase
        • creation of health & safety plans

      • Waste management officers
      • Hazardous goods safety officers
      • Emissions control officers
      • QHSE management advisors
      • Energy management advisors
      • Radiation protection officers
      • Hazardous incidents officers
      • Water pollution control officers

      Waste management

      • Creation of waste management concepts and waste balance sheets
      • Concepts to reduce volumes of waste and waste costs
      • Proper segregation, collection and storage of waste
      • Selection and monitoring of waste management businesses and transport companies
      • Waste documentation
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