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XERVON Instandhaltung

Work safety for employees, responsibility towards people and the environment

Safety is our hallmark

Safe working conditions for employees, responsibility towards people and the environment: more and more attention is being paid to risk management in industrial businesses. In order to be able to meet these growing demands, XERVON Instandhaltung has set itself stringent quality standards that are continuously being evaluated and improved. To ensure these quality standards remain a sustainable feature of our company, we have implemented additional standards such as our integrated management systems (in acc. with DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001), the SCCP system and the international OHSAS 18001 standard.

Seminars to increase safety

  • Effective safety measures are always a sign of high quality and cost-effective work. In order to make sure that we continue to optimise these standards, each employee is given his or her own bespoke programme of training courses.

  • A multidisciplinary approach, sustainable solutions and reliable processes all lead to a safety and quality management system that inspires confidence

Our accreditations and certificates

  • XERVON Instandhaltung GmbH has a wide range of company accreditations. Moreover, our specialist personnel have also been awarded numerous accreditations and certificates.

    • Company accreditations

      • Specialist business in acc. with the WHG (Federal Water Act) and VdTÜV instruction leaflet 967 No. 17.4
      • AD 2000 instruction leaflet HPO, HP 100R, TRD 201, DIN EN ISO 3834-2 (pressurised containers/piping)
      • DIN 14675 BMA
      • Category E constructor's qualification certificate, welding steel structures in acc. with DIN 18800-7:2008-11
      • TÜV authorisation to re-stamp processed materials
      • Module A1 for piping in acc. with Cat. II
      • Module A1 for piping made of GFRP
      • UTW (measurement of wall thickness using ultrasound)
      • Accreditation in acc. with ISO 18436-2 (vibration analysis)
      • DVGW certificate for gas fittings
      • Accredited in acc. with ChemKlimaschutzV Section 6 par. 1 (Chemicals Climate Protection Ordinance)
      • Dye penetration testing
      • Leser certificate (special workshop)

      Specialist personnel with the following certificates and accreditations

      • Officially approved persons in acc. with BetrSichV* Section 14, electrical and non-electrical explosion protection
      • Officially approved persons in acc. with BetrSichV* for diverse work equipment (inc. cranes, power-driven industrial roll-up doors, electrical equipment, pressurised containers and piping)
      • Radiation protection officers in acc. with StrlSchV (Federal Radiation Protection Act) and RöV (X-Ray Ordinance for Radiation Protection)
      • Water pollution control officers
      • Hazardous incidents officers
      • Waste management officers
      • Hazardous goods safety officers
      • Instructors for a diverse range of work equipment (inc. cranes, industrial trucks, cherry pickers)
      • Gas measurement specialists
      • ADR drivers, categories 2 to 9
      • Qualified persons in acc. with BGI 836 and BGI 518 (gas detection systems/explosion protection)
      • Approved persons for VT-2 and PT-2 (visual inspection/penetration testing)

      *Ordinance on Industrial Health and Safety

Keeping risks to a minimum

  • This programme has been put together to instruct all our managers about a number of safety issues including how to prevent risk of accidents caused by human error. The reason for this course is simple: the majority of industrial accidents are caused by human error and not by a technical fault. Our goal here is to make all our employees aware of these facts and by doing so create the safest possible environment for the benefit of all those involved.

  • Our “SaFe” programme was specially developed to instruct managers about safety issues

Uniform work safety guidelines

  • One part of this programme is XERVON Instandhaltung's list of 10 work safety rules. These rules aim to ensure our employees never neglect work safety. All of our branches and construction sites know our 10-point work safety programme and our personnel are regularly shown a film to remind them of the details. By doing so, we help to make our everyday work even safer for our staff.

    The 10 work safety rules are obligatory for all XERVON companies

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    All our divisions across Europe have been issued with the required quality and safety management accreditations.


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